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Erie,Cheektowaga,Sewage Discharge,Scajaquada Creek

NY Alert - New York State-Wide - Sun, 01/10/2016 - 1:00pm
Location of Discharge: 495 Roycroft Boulevard, Buffalo, NY 14225, USA Additional Address Info: Lift Station Name of Waterbody Affected: Scajaquada Creek Description of Discharge: Bypass Potential public area(s) impacted: It is unknown whether public areas were impacted Facility name: Cheektowaga Sanitary Sewer, Facility ID: NYS900020 Date and Time of Discharge: 2016-01-10T09:45:00 Duration of Discharge: 12.0 hours unknown. Reason for Discharge: Weather Conditions: Heavy Rain Volume or Rate of Discharge: 1350 Gallons Per Minute (Estimated) Treated State of Discharge: Untreated Steps Taken to Contain Discharge: Conitnue to monitor flows during wet weather bypass event For more
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