Help with the Polling Sites / Voting Districts Interactive Map

Make sure your vote counts!

These notices explain how to make sure your vote counts and how to avoid over votes (filling in too many ovals) and double votes (voting more than once for the same candidate). Read the Notice concerning overvotes and double votes.

This help document is for the Board of Elections Interactive Polling/Voting District Map section of the Cattaraugus County website.

  • This map is INTERACTIVE. This means that you can zoom, pan, find, and do other manipulations to it.
  • The viewer can be used over any Internet connection while using Internet Explorer 5 or higher, Netscape 6 or higher and Firefox any version. Opera and Mozilla have not been tested.
  • The initial load of the map will take a little while. Afterwards the map will refresh at a faster rate.
The TOP includes the buttons that you will use to manipulate the map. Their descriptions are as follows:
  • Button: Zoom In

    This is the one that is automatically selected when the Map loads. To use it simply click on the map for a partial zoom-in, or click and drag for a certain area to be zoomed-in.

  • Button: Zoom Out

    Its properties are the same as the zoom-in button, but it will zoom-out when used.

  • Button: Max View

    When clicked this will zoom you out to the entire county.

  • Button: Pan Around

    This is used to move the map without zooming. To use it simply click and hold down your mouse button while dragging the map.

  • Button: First Find Your Home

    There is a comprehensive help section within this tools window. You can view it when you use the tool, or go to

  • Button: Second Voting Information

    This tool is used to show the polling location and district information. Click this once and then click the point on the map in which you would like this information. A table will appear at the bottom showing you the data.

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