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Email Addresses

There will be times where you will not see a complete email address. This is to aid in the prevention of SPAM emails.

Email harvesting programs search through websites gathering email addresses and then send unsolicited emails.

Anonymous visitors to will have to do the following steps to view the full email address:

Please note that if you do not see a popup window then you must check your popup blocking software to allow popups for

Please note that if you have an account on then you may be able to view the full email addresses without going through this process.

Report an issue with the website

If you have an issue on the website please contact the webmaster via email at [ webmaster -at- ] to ask questions, report dead links, or ask for web assistance.

If you need help using the website or you have a problem with viewing the website then please contact the webmaster [at] CattCo [dot] org .

Clear your Web Browser's Cache

Clear your web browser's cache

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

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Apple Safari


Disable Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer

You may have an issue on some sites of Cattaraugus County and the Internet Explorer web browser.

These sites that map have issues with Internet Explorer will be listed below:

Maps systems at and

Pages about Disabling Compatibility Mode in IE


Need help figuring out how to open a file you got from this site? Please refer to the following list for aid with a file.

PDF icon PDF or Portable Document Format PDF

PDF files can be opened with a PDF reader. There are many PDF readers out there. Some recommended FREE versions are:

PPT Icon PPT, PPS or Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint Presentations are slideshows. Some programs to open a Powerpoint Presentation file are:

Zip Icon ZIP files have the extension .zip or .exe (self-extracting zip files) Zip

To unzip (unpack, uncompress) a zip file you must have an unzip program like Get more information about the Zip file format at the Free Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.


XLS (Excel document)

Some programs that open an Excel file:

ODS (Open Document Spreadsheet)

ODT (Open Document Text)

ODP (Open Document Presentation)


Cattaraugus County currently has several areas that require the use of pop-ups. For the Cattaraugus County website, you will have to Disable Pop-up Blockers.

Disable Pop-up Blockers for

On certain areas of the website, like the Real Property section, visitors must have the website in their pop-up blocking software's whitelist (allow list) OR disable their popup blocking software temporarily. If is not allowed to display pop-ups then certain features and tools will not be available to you.

Browser / Software

You must set the settings on the web browser you use and/or the pop-up blocking software you are using.

Enabling Pop-ups in Internet Explorer and Windows XP Service Pack 2

If you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 and use Internet Explorer then please visit to stop pop-ups.

Mozilla & Netscape

Directions on managing pop-ups can be found in


Safari for OSX

Apple's newest browser, Safari, also includes pop-up killing options. To enable either press 'Apple' + K or open the prefernces and check the 'Block pop-up windows' check box under the 'Advanced' menu.


Click on File, Preferences and select Windows. For the pop-ups section, you can opt to Accept pop-ups, Refuse pop-ups, Open pop-ups in the background, or Open requested pop-ups only. For more information on blocking popups in Opera, please visit

Google Toolbar

Please visit Google Toolbar: Allow Pop-ups and the Whitelist


Depending on the other popup blocking software you may use, you may have to place in a whitelist or an acceptance list of sites that are allowed to display popups.


If you have unwanted pop-ups on your machine then please try any of the following:

The webmaster recommends using the Firefox web browser for your web browsing convenience and safety.