General Information on HHW

The following information will help you in managing your household hazardous waste.

Always Consult the Product Label:

Labels provide information about proper use and alert you if the product is potentially hazardous.

Look for:


** Statements of hazards – Flammable; Vapor Harmful; Harmful or fatal if swallowed.

** Precautionary statements – Keep out of reach of children; Use only in well ventilated areas; and Do not mix with chlorine type bleaches of other chemicals.

New Yorkers generate more than 100,000 tons of household hazardous wastes each year. Because household hazardous wastes are not regulated as strictly as industrial wastes, we must each learn how to manage safely the hazardous products used in our homes, workshops, lawns and gardens. Here are some ways to help:

Waste Reduction:

Take recyclables to recycling centers:

Waste Storage:

The hazardous waste information provided here applies only to home generated wastes; business and industry must comply with applicable hazardous waste regulations.

For further information, contact the NYSDEC office in Buffalo at 851-7220, or the Cattaraugus County Department of Public Works, Solid Waste Division, 8810 Route 242, Little Valley, New York 14755