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County Trails Systems Group.

Trail System Plan DRAFT

We need your input on the DRAFT Trail System Plan. Read and Comment on the DRAFT of the Trail System Plan.

Trails System Survey

Please be sure to complete the user survey on trails for the Trails System Plan. You can find it at

Three Ways to Report on Trails

Any issues reported will be incorporated into the development of the trail system plan.

1 - Trail Concerns

With this website, users can map problems along existing trails, such as erosion or poorly drained areas, and upload pictures of the issues taken with their phones.

Report Trail Concerns

2 - Trail Opportunities and Recommendations

This website allows users to map opportunities for improving the trail network. Users can point out gaps in the trail network, or potential trail access points.

They can also map features that should be included in the trail network including historic locations, fishing access points, and local businesses such as restaurants, breweries, bike shops or local tourism destinations.

Report Trail Opportunities and Recommendations

3 - Mapillary

This website allows users to upload images or videos of the trails to a public collection. The images and videos are georeferenced so that other users can find pictures or videos of specific locations.

To use this website, a user needs to sign up, and download a smart phone application. Specific instructions for using this website are included in the 'Mapillary Walk Through'.

Use Mapillary on your smart device (Android or iOS) to take photos of trail issues you find. This app saves the location and photos that you take with the Mapillary app. You decide when you want to upload the photos through the app.

Having Technical Difficulties?

Please contact the webmaster with your questions.

Interactive Trails Map

View the Interactive Trails Map for Cattaraugus County

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