Little Valley

Town of Little Valley

Village Election Results for March 18, 2009

Election Date: 

The Official Recanvass  for the Village Elections held on March 18, 2009 for the

  • Village of Allegany
  • Village of Cattaraugus
  • Village of East Randolph
  • Village of Ellicottville
  • Village of Franklinville
  • Village of Gowanda
  • Village of Limestone
  • Village of Little Valley
  • Village of Perrysburg
  • Village of Portville
  • Village of Randolph
  • Village of South Dayton

Little Valley Town and County Tax Roll for 2009

The following file is for the Town of Little Valley Town and County Tax Roll 2009

Department: Treasurer's Office

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County Clerk Warns of Deed Copy Scam

News from Clerk's Office posted on Thu, 12/04/2008 - 11:01am

Cattaraugus County Clerk James K. Griffith is urging all county residents to be very aware of a company called "New York Retrieval Inc". This company is sending letters to property owners in the county offering to secure a certified copy of the deed for their property for a fee of nearly $60.00.

2008 Final Assessment Rolls

The following files are for the 2008 Assessment Rolls for Towns and Cities in Cattaraugus County, New York. Read more

Department: Real Property and GIS

Filed under: assessment

2005 Commute Zones

Commute Maps of Cattaraugus County (centered around locations in the Towns of Allegany and Ashford)

Preview of the map for 2005 Allegany and Ashford Commute Zones

Department: Economic Development

Filed under: map

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