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Early Identification & Recognition Program



Promoting healthy children and families by spreading awareness about emotional health and well-being

Early Identification & Recognition Program

The Early Identification & Recognition Program (formerly the Clinic Plus Screening Program) is the newest program offered by Cattaraugus County Department of Community Services to assist children who are at risk for emotional health problems at an earlier age by conducting FREE emotional well-being surveys. If a child's results indicate there may be a risk for emotional health problems, referrals can be made to appropriate child-family serving agencies so that interventions can be put in place to assist the child and their family.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 1 in 5 Americans suffers from mental illness. Better access to preventative mental health care and intervention programs can help identify those children who are at risk for mental illness and get them set up with appropriate services to prevent further difficulties from occurring.

Children ages 3 months-21 years can be screened for emotional difficulties and referred to local child-family serving agencies at no cost.

Screenings take no more than 10 minutes to complete and results can be provided the same day. No insurance or personal information is needed.

Every day pressures, bullying, and increased social media concerns can have negative effects on self-esteem and well-being with today's youth. Screenings can serve as a check-in on these issues with your child.

ANYONE (public or private) can make a referral to the Early Identification & Recognition Program by completing the EIRP consent for screening form below and returning it to Meghan Monahan, LMHC Early Intervention & Recognition Specialist by mail or submit in person at 1 Leo Moss Drive Suite 4308 Olean, NY 14760. For any questions please call 716-701-3315 or e-mail MCMonahan [at] cattco [dot] org

In addition to providing free emotional well-being questionnaires for residents in Cattaraugus County, there is the availability of Mental Health Symptom identification trainings, presentations and upcoming campaigns in an effort to increase community awareness and decrease the stigma associated with Mental Health.

Why should my child be screened for emotional well-being?

1 out of 5 children has social/emotional/behavioral health challenge.

Untreated emotional health issues can affect how well children do in school, how they relate to family members, and their ability to make friends.

Emotional or behavioral problems unrecognized in childhood can turn into psychiatric disorders with serious debilitating consequences in adolescence or adulthood.

If there is any history of emotional health issues on either side of a child’s family it is extremely important for the child to be screened as mental illness is hereditary.

Social and emotional development affects every aspect of a child's life and sets the stage for a strong foundation for later development.

Annual emotional health screenings are just as important to your child’s health as are annual physicals, hearing, and vision screenings.

Early identification and intervention of mental health symptoms has been proven to keep issues from affecting emotional, intellectual, or physical development, and provide relief from symptoms earlier rather than later and possibly prevent long-term problems.

Even if your child is already receiving services, having them screened periodically can help your service provider measure your child's progress and their continued needs.

It’s FREE!


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