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Early Identification & Recognition Stress and Wellness Program

Promoting healthy Cattaraugus County residents by spreading awareness about stress, wellness, and whole-body health

Early Identification & Recognition Program

We offer FREE stress and well-being questionnaires for children, adolescents, and young adults ages 3-21 in Cattaraugus County by partnering with school districts, pediatrician/primary health care offices, and human services agencies throughout our County.

Questionnaires take about 5 minutes, results can be provided immediately. No insurance information is needed.

Children, adolescents, and young adults can face every day issues such as school, testing, and homework expectations, bullying/social media involvement, body image concerns, social/peer related difficulties. 

Look and listen for our program commercials on Mix 101.5, WPIG 95.7, and Time Warner Cable!

If you would like to take advantage of a free stress and overall well-being questionnaire, please contact Amy Lafler, LMHC at 716-701-3323 or ALLafler [at] cattco [dot] org


Did you know...

1 out of 5 American children (20%) experiences a difficulty with their social or emotional health at some point in their lives.

If a child experiences stress (mental, physical, or emotional), it can cause them to perform poorly in school, and can affect how their brain and body develops.

Untreated emotional health issues can affect how well children do in school, how they relate to family members, and their ability to make friends.

Emotional or behavioral problems unrecognized in childhood can turn into psychiatric disorders with serious debilitating consequences in adolescence or adulthood.

If there is any history of emotional health issues on either side of a child’s biological family such as anxiety, depression, attention/hyperactivity issues, or mood issues;  it is extremely important for that child to be reviewed for any potential emotional health concerns.

Completing an annual stress and well-being questionnaire is just as important to your child’s health as the annual physicals, hearing, and vision screenings they receive either through their Doctor or School.





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