Human Resources Personnel Directory

This is a directory of some of the staff in departments that may work on information for the website. For contact information by department please click Departments.

Human Resources

Namesort icon Title Phone Number
Alicia M Brown Insurance and Workers Compensation Analyst 716-938-2283
Cecilia Chouinard Employee Benefits Assistant 716-938-2285
Greg Sten Safety Engineer Trainee 716-938-2284
Joe Winsor Personnel Assistant 716-938-2281
Judith Braden Personnel & Safety Trainer 716-938-2356
Julie J. Carr Personnel Officer 716-938-2241
Kristine Phinney Deputy Personnel Officer 716-938-2339
Lisa Opperman Account Clerk Typist 716-938-2281
Mallory Short Senior Human Resource Specialist 716-938-2315