Application for Emergency Medical Services Certification

Download the application for Emergency Medical Services Certification from the New York State Department of Health.

If the applicant has a history of criminal convictions please be sure to contact Cattaraugus County Emergency Medical Services and read the following excerpt:

In accordance with the provisions of the State Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Code – 10 NYCRR Part 800; applicants for EMS certification or recertification must not have been convicted of certain misdemeanors or felonies. The Department will review all criminal convictions from any federal, military, state and/or local jurisdiction to determine if such convictions fall within the scope of those specified in Part 800, or to determine if the applicant for certification represents a potential risk or danger to patients or the public at large.

The regulation does not prevent an applicant with a criminal conviction from attending and completing all of the requirements of an EMS course. However, it may prevent the applicant from becoming certified in New York State until the Department has conducted a review and investigation of the circumstances of the conviction(s) and made a determination that the applicant does not demonstrate a risk or danger to patients. If the Department makes a determination allowing certification, the applicant will be eligible to take the NYS practical and written certification examinations, if otherwise qualified. All applicants should be fully informed of these requirements by the CIC at the beginning of the course.

Applicants will not be permitted to take the NYS practical or written certification examination until the background review and investigation is completed and a written determination is received by the applicant. ( )

Department: Emergency Medical Services

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