Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Permit Application & Information

Construction of onsite wastewater treatment systems in Cattaraugus County requires a permit issued by the Cattaraugus County Health Department.

The "Application for an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Construction Permit" is a standard form used to obtain a permit to construct an onsite wastewater treatment system.

After you apply for a permit, soil percolation tests are typically conducted during the design phase to determine what type of system is most appropriate for your site.  The rate at which your soil drains water during this test determines what type of sewage disposal system you will need.  "Instructions for Soil Percolation Tests" gives guidelines to applicants, so that they will know what to expect during a percolation test, and instructions if they chose to perform the test themselves.  Please note that an Environmental Health staff member must still be present to witness the percolation test.

In most circumstances, one of two types of wastewater treatment systems will be designed.  A conventional soil absorption type system is designed for sites with well drained soils and a sand filter system is designed for sites with poorly drained soils.  The "Septic System Operation & Maintenance" brochure gives tips on how to care for and maintain a conventional absorption type system.  "Sand Filter Maintenance Tips" gives guidance on the care and maintenance of sand filter type systems.