Training Presentations

Below are MS Powerpoint presentations for Water System Operators and Town Board Members given at the Southern Tier West Local Governance Conferences at Houghton College (2011 -2012).  Presented by Eric Wohlers, PE and Chris Crawford, Ph.D.

Presentation 1 (5/11/2011) - "Exploring Web Resources for Water Operations & Management""

Presentation 2 (5/11/2011)- "Providing Safe Drinking Water Roles & Responsibilities"

Presentation 3 (5/9/2012) - ""Current Public Water Supply Regulatory Issues Pt. 1"

Presentation 4 (5/9/2012) - "Current Public Water Supply Regulatory Issues Pt. 2"

Presentation 5 (9/27/2012)- "Monitoring Plan Template"

Presentation 6 (9/27/2012) - "Emergency Response Plan Template"

Exploring_Web_Resources_for_Water_Operations_&_Management.ppt5.06 MB
Providing_Safe_Drinking_Water_Roles_&_Responsibilities.ppt1.58 MB
current_public_water_supply_regulatory_issues_pt.1.ppt2.35 MB
current_public_water_supply_regulatory_issues_pt.2.ppt10.46 MB
monitoring_plan_template_9-27-2012.ppt8.34 MB
emergency_response_plan_template_9-27-2012.ppt3.44 MB

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