Preparedness Pays for February 2009

Preparedness Pays is a newsletter from the State of New York Department of Health
  1. Hepatitis A Virus Mass Exposure - A potentially widespread disease oubreak was averted in February 2008 in Erie County after a grocery store clerk was diagnosed with infectious Hepatitis A virus exposing thousands of people who consumed produce that might have been contaminated.
  2. Western New York Snowstorm - If every room in the house is dark and freezing cold, or your street is blocked by downed trees or power lines, your home quickly turns from a place of refuge into a danger zone.
  3. Lourdes Hospital Evacuation - During a 24 hour period on June 27, 2006, Binghamton and surrounding areas received approximately eight inches of rain. The deluge followed several previous days of rain and posed the threat of severe flooding.
  4. Cryptosporidiosis Outbreak - When dozens of people in two counties began reporting symptoms of gastrointestinal illness in
    August 2005, the NYSDOH and local health departments quickly mounted an outbreak investigation.
  5. Flu Vaccine Shortage - In October 2004 public health officials were stunned to learn that in the space of a few days supplies of flu vaccine that had been considered ample were suddenly depleted.

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