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Laws Regulating Tobacco & Nicotine Products

  • CATTARAUGUS COUNTY LOCAL LAW NUMBER 8-2016 - A LOCAL LAW RAISING THE LEGAL AGE FOR THE PURCHASE OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS IN CATTARAUGUS COUNTY TO TWENTY-ONE - The purpose of this local law is to prohibit the sale of tobacco and related products in Cattaraugus County to individuals under the age of twenty-one.
  • NYS ADOLESCENT TOBACCO USE PREVENTION ACT (ATUPA) - This statewide law establishes regulations for the sale and distribution of tobacco products.
  • NYS CLEAN INDOOR AIR ACT (CIAA) - This statewide law establishes regulations prohibiting the use of tobacco products in public places and workplaces.
  • CATTARAUGUS COUNTY LOCAL LAW NUMBER 16-2011 - A LOCAL LAW REGULATING ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES ("E-CIGARETTES") AND HERBAL CIGARETTES - This local law prohibits the use of herbal cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and other liquid nicotine products in public places and workplaces as well as regulates thier sale sale and distribution pursuant to the NYS Public Health Law Article 13-F.
Catt Co Local Law 8-2016 Raising The Legal Age For Purchase of Tobacco Products in Catt Co to 21243.04 KB
FAQ Raising Purchase of Tobacco Products in Catt Co to 21299.19 KB
Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act (ATUPA) NYS PHL Article 13-F.pdf182.53 KB
Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) NYS PHL Article 13-E.pdf55.95 KB
Catt Co Local Law 16-2011 - Electronic & Herbal Cigarettes Regulations-Ammended 8-2015283.75 KB

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