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Quick Facts About EMT-B Training:

  • EMT-B Original class is approximately 148 hours in length
  • Class is usually divided up into three-hour segments on weekday evenings over a period of 3 - 4 months, sometimes weekend classes are scheduled
  • Minimum number of students required to hold a course is 16 people
  • The course costs $700.00 per original EMT-B student or $335.00 per refresher EMT-B student
    • This cost is typically covered by the State, if:
      • Student is a member of a New York State Certified EMS agency
      • Student must obtain the signature from the Fire Chief or the EMS/ Ambulance Captain on the Verification of Membership Form (DOH 3312) and bring it to the course instructor as required by course policy
    • Students that do not meet the above criteria for State payment must pay the total cost of the course on or before the first day of class.
  • Books are a separate expense for each course.  Costs vary depeding on the course and instructor's preference.
    • This cost is often covered by your fire department/ EMS agency, if:
      • Student is a member of a fire department or New York State certified EMS agency
      • Department/ agency policy allows for payment (contact your department/ agency for more information)
    • Students that do not meet the above criteria for department/agency payment must pay the total cost of the books on or before the first day of the course.  Contact Cattaraugus County EMS by calling (716) 701-3417 for more information about the cost of books.

Contact Deb K. by calling (716) 701-3417 with questions about EMT-B courses.

Click here for the NYS Bureau of EMS Frequently Asked Questions website

General State Requirements to Become an EMT:

To qualify for certification as a New York State Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B), the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Have no convictions for a crime or crimes related to murder, manslaughter, assault, sexual abuse, larceny (theft), robbery, drug abuse, sale of drugs or currently be under charges for such a crime, unless the DOH finds that such conviction or charges do not demonstrate a present risk or danger to patients
  • Enroll in an original EMT-B course
  • Complete an Application for Emergency Medical Services Certification (DOH-65), with the applicant's original signature in ink
  • Be at least 18 years of age prior to the last day of the month he/she is scheduled to take the written certification exam
  • Satisfactorily complete all requirements of a New York State-approved EMT-B course given by a New York State-approved course sponsor, such as Cattaraugus County EMS
  • After successful completion of all course requirements, but within one year after course completion, pass the New York State practical skills examination
  • Within one year of passing the state practical skills examination, pass the New York State written certification examination

More Links for EMT-B Certification Information:

Written Exams

All State written exams are held on certain State-scheduled days each year.  Students may choose to take their written exam at their class site or at a State On-Site Scoring location.  The On-Site Scoring location will allow for the student to get their test results immediately, but there is an additional fee for this service.  Click the links below for more information.

Commonly Used State Forms

Click here to see a list of downloadable State forms commonly used for certification, recertification, etc.

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