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Emergency Medical Classes

Cattaraugus County EMS is the CFR and EMT New York State Course Sponsor in the county.  This means that we coordinate and sponsor all CFR and EMT original and refresher training in Cattaraugus County.  Questions about and sign-ups for all CFR and EMT courses should be directed to the Office of Emergency Services by calling Robert Kuhn, County EMS Coordinator at (716) 938-2244.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) classes we offer:

  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Original and Refresher

  • Certified First Responder (CFR) Original and Refresher

  • American Heart Association Courses:

    • Health Care Provider CPR
    • Heart Saver CPR
    • First Aid
    • AED

Signup for a Training Class

Signup for a Training Class

Links to EMS Course Prerequisite Training:

Click for an online EMS training resource

Important EMS Course Information:


CME Core Hour Course will begin on Tuesday April 5, 2016 @ the West Valley Fire Department and run through November 15, 2016. 

Please see the course flyer at the bottom of this page, or the CME Core Hour Schedule on the CME Recertification page of our website for all scheduled dates.


American Heart Association BLS for Health Care Providers - 1/27/2016 @ Cattaraugus Ambulance Service. See EMS Course Schedule & Course Flyer for Details

American Heart Assoication BLS for Health Care Providers - 2/6/2016 @ Little Valley Fire Department. See EMS Course Schedule & Course Flyer for Details.


**COURSE CANCELED**CFR Course Added to the EMS Training Schedule - 1/19/2016 - AS OF 4/11 THIS COURSE HAS BEEN CANCELED 

Certified First Responder Original/Refresher - South Dayton Fire Dept - Instructed by Bob Eggleston

 Begins Monday April 11, 2016 18:00, Classes are held Monday & Thursday evenings from 7:00- 10:00PM. Note that class on the first night begins at 6PM!

3 Saturdays are also on the schedule and are from 9AM - 4PM on  4/23,5/21,6/4

Course ends with the NYS Writen Exam on June 16, 2016

EMT Course Added to the EMS Training Schedule - 1/19/2016

EMT Original/Refresher -​​South Dayton Fire Department - Instructed by Bob Eggleston

Begins Monday August 1, 2016 18:00, Classes are held ​Monday & Thursday evenings from 6:​00- ​10:00PM 
Saturday classes are scheduled for 8/20, 9/10, 10/15, 11/5 and are from 9AM - 4PM

Course ends with the NYS Writen Exam on November 17, 2016




CME Program Information:

A New Page on our website has been created specifally for CME Program Information. Vist the CME Recert page by clicking here or going to the training menu and choosing CME Recert Program.

2016 EMS Training Schedule - Last updated 4/11/2016127.84 KB
CME Core Hour Course - Great Valley FD - Begins Jan 11, 2016 - UPDATED 12/2 (was originally scheduled @ the EOC)160.55 KB
AHA BLS for Health Care Providers CPR/AED Course - Little Valley FD - Feb 6, 2016124.78 KB
CME Core Hour Course - West Valley FD - Begins April 5, 2016123.5 KB
EMT Original/Refresher - South Dayton FD - Begins Aug 1, 2016 102.1 KB
TECC Awarness Course Flyer - Little Valley FD - April, 26, 2016154.51 KB
2016 CME Core Course Schedule by Class # - Last Updated 4/12/16115.57 KB
EMT Textbook Purchase Policy and Info *UPDATED 2/17/2016*163.46 KB
CFR/ EMR Textbook Policy and Information *UPDATED 2/17/2016*155.97 KB
National Standard Update Information322.67 KB
DOH 3312-Verification of Membership & Course Liability Form481.5 KB
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