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Fire Advisory Board

Cattaraugus County Fire Advisory Board is organized in accordance with Section 225-a of the County Law of the State of New York.  The Fire Advisory Board (FAB) acts as an advisory board to the County Legislature and to the County Emergency Services Director.

The FAB has 21 members - 18 interested people representing all areas of Cattaraugus County (from all 5 fire districts in the county) and 3 members from the Public Safety Committee of the County Legislature.  Membership vacancies must be filled with approval by the County Legislature.

Current FAB Officers:

Chairman - Robert J. Barber, Sr.

Vice-Chairman - Dale Carlson

Secretary - Dorothy Button

If you are interested in joining the FAB please contact Robert J. Barber Sr. by calling (716) 560-6559 or by email to cattcreek [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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