Agricultural Fairgrounds & Mass Gatherings

Agricultural fairgrounds and mass gatherings in Cattaraugus County require a “Permit to Operate” issued by the Health Department.  An agricultural fairground is any property, and associated buildings and structures, where a fair is conducted or proposed by an agricultural society or other eligible entity.  A mass gathering is any event that is likely to attract more than 5000 people and continue for 24 hours or more.

Please contact the Environmental Health Division in advance if you are intending to conduct one of these events.  Due to the number of public health concerns with these types of events, substantial advanced planning and possibly engineering plan review and approval will be necessary. 

Application & Links

Applications & Information for a Health Department "Permit to Operate"

NYS Sanitary Code – Subpart 7-5: Agricultural Fairgrounds

NYS Sanitary Code – Subpart 7-4: Mass Gatherings

Environmental Health Services Fees

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