Body Art & Indoor Tanning


All tattoo shops in Cattaraugus County require inspection and a “Certificate of Sanitation” issued by the Health Department.  The Sanitary Code of the Cattaraugus County Health District defines a tattoo shop as any room or space tattooing is practiced or where the business of tattooing is conducted.  Please note that the tattooing of a minor is prohibited by NYS Penal Law.

Each tattoo shop receives an annual inspection to ensure compliance with “Part 26. Tattooing, Tattoo Shops, and Tattoo Artists” of the Sanitary Code of the Cattaraugus County Health District.  Quarterly autoclave testing is performed at all tattoo shops, unless single use pre-sterilized needles are used exclusively.

If you intend to operate a tattoo shop in Cattaraugus County, please contact the Environmental Health Division prior to construction or remodeling.  Many of the Sanitary Code requirements pertain to the construction of the physical facility.

Body Piercing

Body piercing does not require a “Certificate of Sanitation” in Cattaraugus County, however, there are Sanitary Code requirements pertaining to record keeping and the piercing of minors.  Any piercing of a minor, other than the piercing of the outer lobe or perimeter of the ear, requires parental consent.  This consent must be documented by retaining copies of the parent's acceptable photo identification and a copy of a birth certificate or a certified copy of a custodial order or guardianship order.  The parent giving consent must be present during the procedure.

Indoor Tanning

Effective August 15, 2012, New York State Public Health Law prohibits the use of ultraviolet tanning facilities by children 16 and under.  Additionally, patrons 17-18 years of age require parental consent to use these facilities.

All tanning facilities in New York State using ultraviolet radiation devices are required to obtain a permit to operate.  However, the Cattaraugus County Health Department does not currently have an indoor tanning program.  Tanning facilities in Cattaraugus County are permitted and regulated by the New York State Department of Health.

Please see the NYS Department of Health webpage on Indoor Tanning for more information.

Forms & Links

Application & Forms for Body Artists

Sanitary Code of the Cattaraugus County Health District (see Part 26: Tattooing, Tattoo Shops, and Tattoo Artists & Part 27: Body Piercing)

NYS Penal Law, Section 260.21: Unlawfully Dealing with a Child in the Second Degree

Environmental Health Services Fees

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