Powering Your Farm Off the Grid - Virtual Tour

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Fri, 04/05/2013 - 12:00pm - 12:45pm

April 5, 2013: Powering Your Farm Off the Grid - Virtual Tour from Noon – 12:45pm with Raymond Luhrman of Fox Creek Farm, Schoharie, NY. Signup for this webinar or watch the virtual tour in the conference room of the Cattaraugus County Dept. of Economic Development, Planning and Tourism in Little Valley, NY.

Is it possible to operate a farm off-the-grid, and what are the challenges and opportunities? Raymond Luhrman will take us on a virtual tour of Fox Creek Farm and describe how his family operates their 350 member CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) operation from electricity produced right on site. The Lurhman’s have installed two 1.3 kW solar arrays and a Bergey XL1 wind turbine on a 100 foot tower.  Raymond will describe how he sited, sized, funded and installed these systems.  He’ll also present some additional energy conservation features of the farm, including the passive solar barn, and the CoolBot regulator that makes his walk-in cooler extra energy efficient. Aside from these technical aspects, he will also share thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that come with off-grid farming.


Join the Cornell Small Farms Program online for a webinar series of farmer-led virtual tours and fun, informational tips for saving energy and converting to renewables on your farm or homestead!

Are your farm energy bills on the rise – and are you wondering what you can do to reduce them?  Are you looking for more sustainable sources of energy?  This four-part online webinar series will provide examples of energy conservation measures, solar arrays, wind turbines, compost heat, and a variety of other ecological production techniques and introduce you to farmers and professionals who are successfully harnessing the power of renewable resources to produce affordable, sustainable energy.  Tune in to learn if solar, wind, geothermal, and even compost power are right for you!

This lunchtime webinar series will run from noon-12:45pm every Friday from March 29th through April 19th.  All of the webinars are free and open to the public.  To sign up, please complete and submit our New Generation Energy Webinar Sign-Up form.   You will receive an email approximately one week before your chosen webinar(s) providing a link and instructions for you to access the series.

We will be using WebEx to host this webinar series.  To use WebEx, all you will need are functioning speakers  (a sound card in your computer) and a good Internet connection – a cable modem or DSL are preferable, but dial-up, mobile wireless, and satellite Internet connections can also work.  If you have any questions about the Internet or hardware requirements necessary to use WebEx, please contact Hannah Koski at hpk23 [at] cornell [dot] edu.

This webinar series is sponsored by NE SARE (Northeast Sustainable Ag Research and Education) and the Cornell Small Farms Program.  To learn about funding opportunities available from NE SARE, visit www.nesare.org.  To learn more about small farm resources and support, visit www.smallfarms.cornell.edu

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