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Village of Allegany

Local Proposition Number 1: 

Shall the qualified electors of the Village of Allegany approve the local law adopted by the Village Board for the conduct of Games of Chance by organizations within the confines of the Village of Allegany?

65 10 6 81


Village of Allegany - Mayor (2 yr. term)

Total Persons Voting - 81

Democratic 1A D. David Vitale 46
Republican 1B D. David Vitale 27
Blanks     8
TOTAL     81


Village of Allegany - Trustee (4 yr. term)

Democratic 2A Carol Ginter 46
Democratic 3A Robert A. Paker 46
Republican 2B Carol Ginter 28
Republican 3B Robert A. Parker 25
Blanks 17
Total 162


Village of Allegany - Trustee Vacancy (2 yr. term)

Democratic 4A Peter Wintermantel 48
Republican 4B Peter Wintermantel 28
Blanks     5
Total     81