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First Responder ID Change Form

Each Cattaraugus County First Responder will be issued two identification tags. The first tag is the responder’s identification tag and its color will depend on the qualifications of its recipient. The second tag will be a green Accountability tag and will be issued to all first responders.

Identification Tag:

Red: Interior Firefighter

Yellow: Exterior Firefighter

Blue: Emergency Medical Services

Orange: HazMat

White: Fire Police & Auxiliary

Accountability Tag:

Green: All personnel

If you are in need of a new identification tag fill out the form below and mail it to the Office of Emergency Services along with your old tag. A new tag will not be issued until an old tag has been turned in.

Please enter your first name

Please enter your last name

What is the 10-digit phone number that we may reach you at? Ex. 716-123-4567

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Write in any other qualifications you have

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