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                                       Employee Directory

Last NameFirst NamePhoneEMAIL ADDRESS
ANDHOR GINA(716) 701-3674GGAndhor [at] cattco [dot] org
ANDREWS, NPSUSAN(716) 701-3438SAAndrews [at] cattco [dot] org
ANDREWSTENEILLE(716) 945-1230TMAndrews [at] cattco [dot] org
ARTLlPGLORIA (716) 701-3439Gartlip [at] cattco [dot] org
BAEREARLENA(716) 701-3401EJBaer [at] cattco [dot] org
BENEDICTAMIT(716) 701-3654ASBenedict [at] cattco [dot] org
BENNETTBEV(716) 701-3407BJBennett [at] cattco [dot] org
BISHOPLINDA(716) 353-8525LFBishop [at] cattco [dot] org
BLENDINGERCOLLEEN(716) 701-3613CMBlendinger [at] cattco [dot] org
BOWSERCHRISTIAN(716) 701-3426CNBowser [at] cattco [dot] org
BOYLESUE(716) 701-3413SGBoyle [at] cattco [dot] org
BOYLES CRISTIN(716) 701-3266CRBoyles [at] cattco [dot] org
BRAYMILLER JUDY(716) 701-3642JABraymiller [at] cattco [dot] org
BROWN KRISTIN(716) 701-3648KMBrown [at] cattco [dot] org
CHAMBERLAINMELISSA(716) 701-3465MMChamberlain [at] cattco [dot] org
CHEEK PATTY(716) 701-3643PJWilber [at] cattco [dot] org
COVERTCHRIS ANN(716) 701-3391CACovert [at] cattco [dot] org
CRAWFORD, Ph.DCHRIS(716) 701-3388CGCrawford [at] cattco [dot] org
DAYTONRICH(716) 701-3389RKDayton [at] cattco [dot] org
DAYTON  SAM(716) 938-2476SLDayton [at] cattco [dot] org
DEPONCEAUELAINE(716) 701-3386ELDeponceau [at] cattco [dot] org
DOWDY, P.A.GRETCHEN(716) 701-3404GLDowdy [at] cattco [dot] org
EARLEY SIDNEY (716) 945-1230SELindell [at] cattco [dot] org
EATON NANCY(716) 701-3410NAEaton [at] cattco [dot] org
ELLIS KATHLEEN(716) 701-3381KMEllis [at] cattco [dot] org
FANCHERDAVID(716) 353-8525DMFancher [at] cattco [dot] org
FAULKNERGAYLE(716) 701-3412GAFaulkner [at] cattco [dot] org
FELDBAUERSUE(716) 701-3403SAFeldbauer [at] cattco [dot] org
FULLERNANCY NAFuller [at] cattco [dot] org
GERGELMELANIE(716) 701-3413MMG [at] cattco [dot] org
GREYSANDY(716) 945-1230SMGrey [at] cattco [dot] org
HASTINGSMICHAEL(716) 938-2475MJHastings [at] cattco [dot] org
HAYESABBEY(716) 945-1230AMHayes [at] cattco [dot] org
HERRICKGREG(716) 701-3423GJHerrick [at] cattco [dot] org
HIGGINS MOLLY(716) 701-3616MHHiggins [at] cattco [dot] org
HIGLEYDONNA(716) 701-3421DEHigley [at] cattco [dot] org
HOFFMANN KAREN(716) 353-8525KAHoffmann [at] cattco [dot] org
HOLLAMBYWALT(716) 701-3411WDHollamby [at] cattco [dot] org
HOLMESLORI(716) 701-3399LMHolmes [at] cattco [dot] org
HOWARDMEEGAN(716) 353-8525MKHoward [at] cattco [dot] org
JENNINGSMICHELLE(716) 945-1230MLJennings [at] cattco [dot] org
JIMERSONLYNETTE(716) 701-3428 
JOCHENKARIN(716) 353-8525KEJochen [at] cattco [dot] org
JOHNSTONE  REBECCA(716) 701-3390RSJohnstone [at] cattco [dot] org
JORDANRAY(716) 701-3384RHJordan [at] cattco [dot] org
KELLERPEGGY(716) 938-2478PLKeller [at] cattco [dot] org
KELLEYRHONDA(716) 938-2473RLKelley [at] cattco [dot] org
KELLOGG HEATHER(716) 701-3334HAKellog [at] cattco [dot] org
KETCHNERPAULA(716) 701-3432PJKetchner [at] cattco [dot] org
KOLIVOSKITAMMY(716) 701-3434TNDennis [at] cattco [dot] org
LACHERDEBBIE(716) 701-3398DLLacher [at] cattco [dot] org
LEONARDTARA(716) 701-3416TDLeonard [at] cattco [dot] org
LOGHMANEE, M.D.FAZLOLLAH(716) 701-3277FLoghmanee [at] cattco [dot] org
LOWRY LOIS(716) 945-1230LMLowry [at] cattco [dot] org
LYMANBECKY(716) 701-3647BJLyman [at] cattco [dot] org
MALONEYALLISON(716) 701-3677AMMaloney [at] cattco [dot] org
MCCLORYLAURIE(716) 353-8525LAMcclory [at] cattco [dot] org
MCCREADYCATHERINE(716) 701-4691CMMccready [at] cattco [dot] org
MCCUTCHEONALYSSA(716) 938-2472ajmccutcheon [at] cattco [dot] org
METLERPAT(716) 701-3400PLMetler [at] cattco [dot] org
MOSHIERNIKKI(716) 701-3290NRMoshier [at] cattco [dot] org
MUSALLERICA(716) 945-1230EJMusall [at] cattco [dot] org
NENNOMONICA(716) 701-3414MMNenno [at] cattco [dot] org
NICHOLSDEBBIE(716) 701-3383DJNichols [at] cattco [dot] org
OTTLEYDESIREE(716) 701-3385DAOtley [at] cattco [dot] org
PARISHBARB(716) 945-1230BRParish [at] cattco [dot] org
PARKSGINA(716) 701-3375GRParks [at] cattco [dot] org
PETTINATODEBBIE (716) 701-3405DMPettinato [at] cattco [dot] org
PHELPSMICHELE(716) 701-3678MLPhelps [at] cattco [dot] org
PREYLORA(716) 945-1246LJPrey [at] cattco [dot] org
RASINSKIJENNIFER(716) 945-1230JLRasinski [at] cattco [dot] org
REYNOLDSKAY(716) 701-3415KEReynolds [at] cattco [dot] org
ROGERSREGINA (716) 938-2474RMRogers [at] cattco [dot] org
RUST ELI(716) 701-3392EDRust [at] cattco [dot] org
RZUCEKLAURIE(716) 945-1246LJPoole [at] cattco [dot] org
SHAWLANETTE(716) 701-3280LMShaw [at] cattco [dot] org
SKUDLAREKCAROL(716) 701-3656CJSkudlarek [at] cattco [dot] org
SPONSLER ALLYSON(716) 701-3453AWSponsler [at] cattco [dot] org
SPRINGMICHELE(716) 701-3667MLSpring [at] cattco [dot] org
STANDISHCHASTITY (716) 945-1230Cstandish [at] cattco [dot] org
THORNEBROOK(716) 701-3424BThorne [at] cattco [dot] org
TONERJEFFREY(716) 701-3395JCToner [at] cattco [dot] org
TRUDEAUSHAWNA(716) 701-3387SFTrudeau [at] cattco [dot] org
WALTERSSUE (716) 701-3676SMWalters [at] cattco [dot] org
WATKINS, M.D.KEVIN(716) 701-3382KDWatkins [at] cattco [dot] org
WATTKEVIN(716) 701-3419KRWatt [at] cattco [dot] org
WEAVERAMY(716) 701-3396ASWeaver [at] cattco [dot] org
WILLIAMSPATTI(716) 701-3422PGWilliams [at] cattco [dot] org
WITTE, M.D.GILBERT GNWitte [at] cattco [dot] org
WOHLERS, P.E.ERIC(716) 701-3437EWWohlers [at] cattco [dot] org
WOLFANDY(716) 938-2477AJWolf [at] cattco [dot] org






















































































Cattaraugus County Health Department Public Health for Healthy Communities

For more information about the Cattaraugus County Health Department services, please call the us in Olean at 716-373-8050 or Toll-Free 1-800-251-2584

Email: health [at] cattco [dot] org or use our contact form

Hours: 8:30AM to 4:30PM Monday-Friday except on holidays at all locations

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