Cattaraugus County Public Health: Prevent, Promote, Protect

Director: Dr. Kevin Watkins

P: 1-800-251-2584

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Home Care Services - Contacts

Certified Home Health Agency / Long Term Home Health Care - Contacts


Susan Andrews, RN, MS, FNP, Patient Services Director


saandrews [at] cattco [dot] org 

Main Office - Olean

1 Leo Moss Drive, Olean, NY 14760

General Inquiries - (716)-373-8050

Gina AndhorCommunity Health Nurse(716) 701-3674GGAndhor [at] cattco [dot] org
Earlena BaerKeyboard Specialist II(716) 701-3401EJBaer [at] cattco [dot] org
Amit BenedictRegistered Nurse(716) 701-3654ASBenedict [at] cattco [dot] org
Colleen BlendingerCommunity Health Nurse(716) 701-3613CMBlendinger [at] cattco [dot] org
Judy BraymillerCommunity Health Nurse(716) 701-3642JABraymiller [at] cattco [dot] org
Kristin BrownCommunity Health Nurse(716) 701-3648KMBrown [at] cattco [dot] org
Melissa ChamberlainRegistered Nurse(716) 701-3465MMChamberlain [at] cattco [dot] org
Gretchen DowdyPhysician's Assistant(716) 701-3404GLDowdy [at] cattco [dot] org
Sue FeldbauerSupervising Community Health Nurse(716) 701-3403SAFeldbauer [at] cattco [dot] org
Walter HollambyCommunity Health Nurse(716) 701-3411WDHollamby [at] cattco [dot] org
Deborah PettinatoMedical Record Technician(716) 701-3405DMPettinato [at] cattco [dot] org
Rebecca LymanCommunity Health Nurse(716) 701-3647BJLyman [at] cattco [dot] org
Monica NennoKeyboard Specialist II(716) 701-3414MMNenno [at] cattco [dot] org
Kay ReynoldsCommunity Health Nurse(716) 701-3415KEReynolds [at] cattco [dot] org
Carol SkudlarekCommunity Health Nurse(716) 701-3656CJSkudlarek [at] cattco [dot] org
Brook ThorneRegistered Nurse(716) 701-3424BThorne [at] cattco [dot] org




Iroquois Drive, Salamanca, NY  14779

General Inquiries - (716)-945-1230 

Teneille AndrewsRegistered Nurseext 6408TMAndrews [at] cattco [dot] org
Sidney EarleyRegistered Nurse(716) 701-3674SELindell [at] cattco [dot] org
Sandy GreySupervising Community Health Nurseext 6402SMGrey [at] cattco [dot] org
Abbey HayesRegistered Nurseext 6403AMHayes [at] cattco [dot] org
Michelle JenningsKeyboard Specialist IIext 6400MLJennings [at] cattco [dot] org
Lois LowryCommunity Health Nurseext 6405LMLowry [at] cattco [dot] org
Erica MusallRegistered Nurseext 6409EJMusall [at] cattco [dot] org
Barbara ParishCommunity Health Nurseext 6406BRParish [at] cattco [dot] org
Jennifer RasinskiCommunity Health Nurseext 6410JLRasinski [at] cattco [dot] org
Chastity StandishCommunity Health Nurseext 6407CSTandish [at] cattco [dot] org





9824 NYS Route 16, P.O. Box 1888, Machias   14101

General Inquiries - (716)-353-8525

Linda BishopCommunity Health Nurseext 4689LFBishop [at] cattco [dot] org
David FancherCommunity Health Nurseext 4688DMFancher [at] cattco [dot] org
Sandy GreySupervising Community Health Nurseext 4684SMGrey [at] cattco [dot] org
Meegan HowardRegistered Nurseext 4686MKHoward [at] cattco [dot] org
Karin JochenRegistered Nurseext 4685KEJochen [at] cattco [dot] org
Synthia SpringerCommunity Health Nurseext 4691SSSpringer [at] cattco [dot] org



MOMS Program

Gayle FaulknerCommunity Health Nurse(716) 701-3412GAFaulkner [at] cattco [dot] org


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Cattaraugus County Health Department Public Health for Healthy Communities

For more information about the Cattaraugus County Health Department services, please call us in Olean Toll-Free 1-800-251-2584

Hours: 8:30AM to 4:30PM Monday-Friday except on holidays at all locations

View more specific contact information.

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