Public Information Specialist #65569

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$41,789 per year

Information on the Public Information Specialist #65569 position


The State Civil Service Law requires our office to collect a processing fee from each applicant. The amount of the fee is ten dollars ($10) per applicant for Each examination applied for, payable at the time of filing of the application form, by check (personal or certified) or money order, payable to the “Cattaraugus County Treasurer”. Cash Will Not Be Accepted. Applicants whose personal checks are returned for insufficient funds will not be considered as candidates. Applicants must record the Examination Number(s) and Title(s) on their checks. Refunds of fees will not be issued to applicants who are disqualified for not meeting the minimum qualifications for admittance to the examination or who do not appear for testing on the scheduled test date. Therefore, Do Not Apply for an examination if you are not sure that you meet the minimum qualifications. Application Fees shall be waived for candidates that are unemployed and primarily responsible for the support of a household or are receiving public assistance. Please contact this office for an Application Fee Waiver Request and Certification Form.


Preference in appointment may be given to successful candidates who are residents of the jurisdiction in which the vacancy exists at the time of certification for appointment.


The work involves preparing, editing, and disseminating informational materials concerning the work of an agency or program. Duties are performed independently under the general supervision of an agency administrator. An incumbent may represent the agency and act as a liaison with other public or voluntary agencies. Supervision of the work of others is not normally a responsibility of this class. A Public Information Specialist does related work as required.


Successful completion of thirty-six (36) semester credit hours of study in journalism, public relations, communications, or English subjects at a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university.

NOTE: Newspaper, magazine, radio, television, research, public relations, communications or related experience regularly involving narrative writing or editing responsibilities may be substituted for these educational requirements with one (1) year of qualifying work experience equivalent to 9 hours of the required educational training.

NOTE: Applicants who will complete educational requirements by May 31, 2010, will be permitted to take the examination but will not be eligible for permanent appointment unless proof of fulfilling the education requirements has been furnished to this office prior to the establishment of the eligible list.


Written test will cover knowledges, skills and /or abilities in such areas as:

  1. Educating and interacting with the public - These questions test for the ability to communicate with others in a manner consistent with good public relations practices. Questions will cover such concepts as interviewing or gathering information from others; participating in meetings or work groups; and presenting information to citizens, community organizations, staff and the media.
  2. Grammar, usage, punctuation, and editing - These questions test for the ability to prepare letters, reports, and other documents. Some questions test for a knowledge of grammar, usage, punctuation, and sentence structure. Others test for the ability to edit sentences to produce correct, clear, concise copy.
  3. Preparing public information materials - basic - These questions test for the ability to prepare basic informational materials electronically and in print, for the public and the media, including such products as correspondence, brochures, and news releases. Questions may cover such topics as selecting content to effectively communicate with the intended audience, making decisions regarding page readability of text, and using graphics, photographs, headlines, or captions to enhance a message.
  4. Preparing public information materials - These questions test for knowledge of professional standards and practices used to produce public information materials for print, electronic, or broadcast media. Questions may cover such topics as developing content, selecting media, coordinating the release and distribution of information, and maintaining a web site.
  5. Preparing written material - These questions test for the ability to present information clearly and accurately and to organize paragraphs logically and comprehensibly. For some questions, you will be given information in two or three sentences followed by four restatements of the information. You must then choose the best version. For other questions, you will be given paragraphs with their sentences out of order. You must then choose, from four suggestions, the best order for the sentences.

Candidates are allowed to use quiet, hand-held, solar or battery powered calculators. Devices with typewriter keyboards, spell checkers, personal digital assistants, address books, language translators, dictionaries or any similar devices are prohibited.

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