"Sneak Peek" Open House along the Amish Trail

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Have you ever wondered what to do with those summer visitors? How will you entertain them? What will you cook for them, or where should you take them out to get a real flavor of Western NY? The answer may be right in your backyard along the Amish Trail.

Poster for the Amish Trail's Sneak Peek

On June 5th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. participating businesses along the Amish Trail invite you to a “Sneak Peek” preview Open House to introduce the many unique things to see and foods to enjoy right here in Cattaraugus County.

The Amish Trail offers experiences you will want to share over and over with all of your family and friends who come to visit.

Cattaraugus County is home to a large community of Old Order Amish. Their culture and lifestyle is rich in traditions and customs. Normally a very private people, Amish are also very industrious and gladly open their shops to Amish Trail visitors. They offer a wide variety of homemade crafts, quilts, wood, tin and metal work and baked goods.

The Amish Trail consists of 36 “non Amish” businesses and organizations who share the beauty and unique rural atmosphere with our Amish neighbors.

Participating businesses along the Amish Trail are including many special activities for visitors during the June 5th Open House. A drawing will be held where each visitor can enter to win one of the many “Treasure Baskets” filled with products representing businesses surrounding the Amish community.

Treasure coupons will be available at each participating location. Increase your chances of winning every time you visit a different location along the trail.

Specific activities will include a dedication of a beautiful Barn quilt in the Town of Leon, displays of Amish Quilts, crafts and Baked Goods, alpaca yarn spinning, a free music concert, children workshops to make Amish Dolls or a wooden farm set, make a Blue Bird house to place along a Blue Bird Trail, and much, much more.

For more information on the Sneak Peek, details about the Treasure Basket Drawing and a map of the Amish Trail businesses, go to www.AmishTrail.com or call 1-800-331-0543. Take advantage of the Sneak Peek Open House and discover all the treasures along the Amish Trail to share with those summer visitors!

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Furniture Shops along New York's Amish Trail

There are furniture shops that the Amish own along the New York's Amish Trail. Look at all the red barns on the Amish Trail Map. Red barn = Wood Working (furniture, sheds, cabins, picnic tables, playhouses, chairs, cabinets, rockers).

Check out one of the events coming up in 2011 along the Amish Trail called "Treasures along the Amish Trail"

Darn poor day when you don't learn something

The Amish Trail sounds like a

The Amish Trail sounds like a great tourism attraction. I am really excited to see all of the Amish businesses. I will definitely be buying an Amish quilt and I would love to buy some furniture. Do you know if there is an Amish Furniture Factory along the Amish Trail?

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