Civil Service moves to paperless examination announcements on January 1, 2012

News from Human Resources, Posted on Tue, 09/27/2011 - 2:00pm

On January 1, 2012, Civil Service will make a conversion to paperless examination announcements.


From the Cattaraugus County

Department of Human Resources

This is to announce that the Cattaraugus County Department of Human Resources will make a total conversion to paperless civil service examination announcements on January 1, 2012.

Those effected by this decision will be individuals seeking civil service rooted employment or advancement within Cattaraugus County and/or agencies for which The Cattaraugus County Department of Human Resources provides civil service administration for (ex. Cities, Towns, Villages and Schools).  This decision is aligned with the current fiscal restraints to increase efficiency and eliminate waste.  Current announcements, including pending and continuous exams, will be available exclusively on the Cattaraugus County Civil Service website:

Electronic announcements will be sent county-wide to Cities, Towns, Villages and School districts as well as distributed to many county departments.  This permits each of our municipal units to receive and participate in the examination process more quickly and efficiently and provide better customer service.  Agencies who wish to receive exam announcements must provide an email address to the Human Resources Department.

We welcome facilities that traditionally have posted paper announcements, such as libraries, schools, community centers and others to continue to do so.

Although some individuals may not own a computer themselves, computers are increasingly available for use at libraries, community organizations, public/private/not-for-profit employment services as well as through friends and relatives.  We encourage job seekers to become aware of online services available to them in the community.  It is important to note that The Human Resources Department intends to provide a workstation where, during designated office hours, individuals whom are not able to access online services can review current employment opportunities.

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