New Cattaraugus County Parcel Viewer

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Parcel Viewer

Parcel Viewer


It’s been a long time coming, but the new Parcel Viewer is finally ready for use.  Before I explain the functionality, there are a couple things you as the user should know about the new site.

The viewer was created entirely using the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex.  Flex is an Adobe Flash based programming language used primarily to build rich internet applications or RIA’s.  ESRI, the company from which we purchase all our GIS software, used this language to create a “Viewer” for users to download and employ in their own way.  Through careful customization of the viewer’s code and even further customization of community shared widgets, we have created the new Cattaraugus County Parcel Viewer.

The advantages of the new online viewer go way beyond its sleek new appearance.  Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this viewer is its advanced Geoprocessing power.  Whereas before you may have used the viewer simply to get a look at a property, you are now able to analyze land in a more in-depth way.  Tools such as the Measuring and Drawing tool have been upgraded to allow for the measurement of any feature the user desires.  With simple drags of the cursor one is able to get accurate distance and area measurements for any feature on the map, no matter how abnormal the shape.  The new Elevation Profile tool allows the user to draw lines across an area to get a traceable graph showing the changes in elevation.  When something is found via the Enhanced Search tool, while it is still selected the user can choose to place a buffer (in feet) around the selected feature.  Using that buffer, a query can be completed on most any geographical feature.  For example: I have just searched and found a parcel I want to buy; however I am concerned about any environmental mines around me.  I’d feel ok about purchasing the property if there were no mines within 1000 feet.  Using the search tool, I would set up the buffer of the parcel for 1000 feet, then search for any instances of mines that intersect my buffer.  If any are found, they will be highlighted and presented to the user with a description provided.  Every feature on the map is now identifiable; using a variety of selection tools the user can click on a feature to get a description of what it is.  More simple features include the ability to export a JPEG image of your map, create bookmarks, search for addresses/coordinates, and enhanced parcel information/tax calculator tools.

I hope the improvements made to the new Parcel Viewer will be helpful for all of your uses.  Keep an eye out for updates as well; we will be adding new features as they are developed.  Thank you all for your patience over these past few months, and as always, feel free to call or email Real Property with any questions or comments.


Chris Holewinski - GIS Coordinator

cdholewinski [at] cattco [dot] org

(716) 938-2224

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