Cattaraugus County Parcel Viewer 1.0 Released!

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Hello all,


I’m pleased to announce that the 1.0 version of the Cattaraugus County Parcel Viewer was released today.  As stated before, one of the best parts about switching to this new Flex based parcel viewer is it will be constantly getting better.  We took in a lot of feedback, and were able to make some changes to the viewer to make it a better user experience overall.  Here are the most important changes that you will notice:


Improved Speed - our viewer is now entirely localized to Little Valley, resulting in much faster processing speeds.


No more Identify tool - no longer do you have to click on the "Identify Tool"; in fact you'll notice it’s gone.  Every layer that was identifiable by that tool before, now is identifiable by just clicking on the map with your cursor.  Whenever, wherever.  Try it out on layers like current parcels, historical parcels, mines, oil and gas wells, etc.  (Note, to click a parcel and jump DIRECTLY to the Imate property information system, you will still have to use the Parcel Information tool).

Reworked Layer Control - the new layer control tool is permanently lodged in the upper right hand corner of the map - hover over it to get your choices.  You'll notice it responds faster, and has some smarter listing techniques. Expand the groups to find the layers to turn on.

Dynamic Legend tool - Open this tool (located on the top) to get a dynamic legend.  Dynamic meaning it will change with whatever layers are turned on.

Streets and Towns are a basemap - to help improve performance, we made the towns and roads a basemap; meaning they are not re-projected on the fly every time the user moves the map.  This did however, cause some issues with seeing the roads with layers on that cover areas (i.e. School Districts, Fire Districts, etc.).  To account for this, those layers now have a 70% transparency set to them, allowing the roads to be seen underneath.  Obviously, this means the Aerial Photos cover the roads too - to account for that I added a "Hybrid Roads" layer under the Aerial Photos category.  It is the same road layer as in the basemap, but it has a 50% transparency applied to it.  This allows roads to be on along with the aerials if wanted, but at the same time they won't be overly distracting.

I hope you enjoy the new version of the viewer.  I will include links below to the new and improved help page, which contains an overview video.  Keep an eye out, as we will be releasing help videos for each tool specifically in the near future. 

Parcel Viewer Help Page


-Paul Frey

GIS Coordinator

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