Homeland Security Commissioner Encourages New Yorkers to Prepare for Disasters/ Emergencies

News from Emergency Services, Posted on Tue, 09/25/2012 - 2:04pm


Issued By:  NYS - Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services
Affected Jurisdictions:  New York

DHSES teaming up with Retail Council of New York State to encourage personal and community preparedness  

 Governor Cuomo’s Summit on Emergency Preparedness scheduled for late October  

 Jerome M. Hauer, Commissioner of the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, today reminded New Yorkers to observe National Preparedness Month by taking steps now to protect their families and themselves.  

 "Over the past year, New York State has been impacted by numerous events, including fires, tornados, high winds, snow storms and flooding." said Commissioner Hauer.  "No one is completely safe from disaster, which is why it is so important to take steps now to avoid fatalities, injuries and property damage."  

 September is National Preparedness Month, a campaign designed to make people awareness of the dangers of catastrophic disasters, and to provide tips on how they can better protect themselves and their loved ones.  

 Throughout the month of September, DHSES is teaming up with Home Depot in Long Island and the Capital District to spread the word about emergency preparedness in local communities.  Residents in these areas are encouraged to visit their local Home Depot for more information.  

 Hauer encouraged New York’s citizens to make a plan and put together a cache of emergency supplies.  "All it takes is a little time to talk with your family and put together a plan that ensures they can survive a disaster," he said.  "All family members should know the plan, including where to go if disaster strikes, and who to contact."  

 Families should also prepare an emergency kit that contains enough food, water, medications and other consumables to last seven to ten days after a disaster strikes.  "When preparing your emergency kit," Hauer said, "remember to plan for children, those with special needs, and your pets.  Go to http://www.nyprepare.gov/aware-prepare ("http://www.nyprepare.gov/aware-prepare")  for a list of items that you may wish to include in your emergency kit, and consider keeping emergency supplies at work and at home."  

 Hauer continued, "It is recommended that people prepare supplies to last for a minimum of five days, but seven days is optimal."  

 Hauer also encouraged New Yorkers to stay informed before, during and after an emergency.  "The best way to receive emergency information via the web, cell phone and several other communications technologies is to sign up for free at www.nyalert.gov ("http://www.nyalert.gov") ," he said.  

 On October 29 and 30, the inaugural Governor's Summit on Emergency Preparedness will be held in Albany, bringing together thousands of New York State's first responders and the world's leading experts and leaders in the fields of Homeland Security and Emergency Services.  Individuals who have dealt with some of the most devastating incidents since 9/11 will address current risks, articulate practical approaches to strategies for planning, response and recovery, and increase knowledge on how we can best prepare for disasters by using our resources wisely, responding more effectively, enhancing resiliency, and creating new partnerships.  For more information, go to www.prepare-summit.ny.gov ("http://www.prepare-summit.ny.gov").  

 "The better prepared New York’s citizens and communities are," Hauer said, "the easier is it for responders to act quickly and effectively during a disaster.  Don’t wait for the next big disaster – be ready today!"  

 More information on emergency planning for individuals, families and organizations is available at http://www.nyprepare.gov/aware-prepare ("http://www.nyprepare.gov/aware-prepare"). 

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