Department of the Aging Presents 2013 Outstanding Volunteer Community Contribution Awards

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Lois McLaughlin and David Rodkey at the 41st Annual RSVP Recognition Reception

Lois McLaughlin and David Rodkey at the 41st Annual RSVP Recognition Reception at the Great Valley Volunteer Fireman’s Clubhouse, Great Valley, NY

Marney Ferguson with David Rodkey at the 41st Annual RSVP Recognition Reception

The Cattaraugus County Department of the Aging’s Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) announced the 2013 Outstanding Volunteer Community Contribution Award winners before 300 people at the 41st Annual RSVP Recognition Reception held at the Great Valley Volunteer Fireman’s Clubhouse on May 21 and 22, 2014. This year the RSVP Committee selected volunteers Lois McLaughlin and Marney Ferguson as honorees. 

Lois McLaughlin has been an RSVP volunteer for 16 years. During those years she has served at the American Red Cross, Allegany Senior Wellness and Nutrition program site, Genesis House, and the St. Bonaventure Outreach Corp, accumulating 10,863 hours of volunteer service. According to the volunteer site manager, Lois is there every single day, often beating the site manager to work in the morning, and is considered a great asset to the organization. 

Marney Ferguson has been an RSVP volunteer for 12 years. She is currently volunteering at the Salamanca Senior Wellness and Nutrition site as a Meals on Wheels driver. During her years of service, she has also volunteered at The Pines nursing facilities in Machias and Olean, Eden Heights, Absolut of Salamanca, and Underwood Manor. She has accumulated 4,837 hours of volunteer service to her community. According to the site manager, Marney is a very dedicated volunteer and is always willing to help in any way. 

David Rodkey, RSVP Director, presented each award recipient with a clock, which represents their time and dedication to their communities. They also received flowers donated by Mandy’s Florist of Olean. 

Cathy Mackay, director of the Cattaraugus County Department of the Aging, states, “These volunteers are an incredible and wonderful example of this year’s theme: ‘Volunteers Make a World of Difference.’”  

In 2013, 546 active RSVP volunteers contributed 52,294 hours of service in Cattaraugus County at more than 36 non-profit organizations. According to the Washington-based Independent Sector National Volunteer Organization, the monetary contribution made by these seniors is valued at $1,383,176.  

Honored for their outstanding service to their communities are the following volunteers: 

Five-year award: 

Betty Allen, Daniel Crowley, Carla Hester, Robert Moser, Charlotte Stanbro, Sonya Atzrott, Lelah Earle, Jane Kelly, Lucy Padden, Marcia Stead, Mary Barber, Edward Foster, William Little, Budd Patterson, Lewis Strawser, Marjorie Biscup, Joyce Gibbs, Suzanne Marcus, Russel Peace, MaryKay Tambash, JoAnn Bishop, Harry Deeley, Toshiko Margeson, Ellen Peck, Velma Tanner, John Butler, Joan Deeley, Michelle Marks, Joseph Rado, John Tarbox, Ramila Chwala, Cheryl Depledge, Deanna McCarthy, Janet Rees, Nancy Vedder, Elsie Conver, David Drake, Marilyn McKeown, Dominic Rogers, Terry Wiedemann, Gail Crisafulli, Carol Hansen, Joyce Moser, Mike Smith, Clifford Zimmer 

Ten-year award: 

Nancy Allen, Alta Ehman, Helen Goodemote, Dennis McCauley, Gail Summerville, David Anderson, Robert Ehman, Gerald Guest, Patricia McCauley, Pat Thierman, Theresa Ballak, Shirley Engels, Glenn Kinkade, Mary McGavisk, Eileen Turner, Larry Boyd, Frederick Evans, Frances Lord, David Ross, Leo Turner, Wynn Boyd, Harold Geise, Julia Maxwell, Georgina Slevinski, Julie Walter, Richard Conrad, Donald Zaccardo 

Fifteen-year award: 

Margaret Bernatz, Margaret Elvin, Lorraine Ranallo, Anna Scacchi, Virginia Schaffner 

Twenty-year award: 

Madelyn Ash, Phyllis Hare, Helen Miller, Charlene Slocum, Marian Voigt, Lois Brandow, Virginia Hemmerly, Cecelia Pleakis, Grace Thurston, Rebecca Walker, Betty Jean Greene, Ollivene Irving, G. Jane Robinson 

Twenty-five year award:

Ruth Bray Bernie Eisenhart Carl Polasik 

Over 500 hours award: 

Esther Desnoyers, Dora Grainge, David Griffiths, H. Jean Hager 

Over 600 hours award: 

Charlene Granger, Donald Scacchi, John Styles 

Over 1,000 hours award:

Lois McLaughlin

If you are retired and would like to make a difference in the lives of others through volunteering, please contact David Rodkey, RSVP Director, at the Cattaraugus County Department of the Aging by calling 716-373-8032 or 800-462-2901. 

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