Raccoon with Rabies

News from Health, Posted on Thu, 03/16/2017 - 3:58pm

On March 6, 2017 a rabid raccoon was found at a private residence on Whitehouse Road, in the Town of Portville. The raccoon attacked a person and several domestic animals before it was captured. Laboratory testing by the New York State Department of Health confirmed that the animal was infected with the rabies virus.

Please be aware that this is the eighth laboratory confirmed case of rabies exposure in Cattaraugus County in the last 12 months. Rabies is common in the wild and is found throughout our region.

We are asking all County residents to be aware of any unusual behavior in animals, both domestic and wild. Symptoms of rabies in animals include unusual behavior (passive or aggressive), staggering, convulsions and neurological symptoms like partial paralysis or seizures. The rabies virus is transmitted via the saliva of a rabid animal, primarily through an animal bite or scratch and requires immediate medical treatment.

Infection by the rabies virus can be fatal for mammals, including cats, dogs and humans. If you believe that you or your pets may have been in contact with a rabid animal, contact the Cattaraugus County Health Department immediately at (716) 701-3386.

The Health Department would like to remind all cat and dog owners to ensure that their pets are current on their rabies vaccinations. Rabies vaccinations are required by New York State Law for ALL cats, dogs and domestic ferrets over 4 months of age, including indoor animals.

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