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Cattaraugus County is currently updating the County's Comprehensive Plan.  The first comprehensive plan was adopted in 1978 and was intended to guide the development of the County through the year 2000.

During the past 35 years, it has become clear that Cattaraugus County is changing. It is no longer an exclusively rural community. It has major attractions, such as Allegany State Park, the Seneca Allegany Casino, and the Ellicottville ski resorts. Improvements to U.S. Route 219 and the Interstate designation of the Southern Tier Expressway are opening up the County to the outside world as never before. The goals and policies of the 1978 Plan do not adequately address the changes that have occurred since its adoption. The Plan should be brought into the 21st Century, addressing today's pressing issues, and charting a direction for the County over the next decade.

Draft Goals

After gathering months of input from the public, through a series of public open houses and through an online survey, the county has put together a draft list of goals.  These goals are a community's vision for the future.  With these goals in mind, more specific actions will be formulated to guide the county towards these goals.

We want to hear from you.  Throughout this process, we will be gathering your thoughts and ideas for the future of Cattaraugus County.  If you would like to add any other input, please email us at planning [at] cattco [dot] org.

Survey Results

The County has conducted an online survey in order to gather thoughts from the public on the future of Cattaraugus County.  Over 300 responses were tallied.  A summary of the results can be found here.

Maps of Cattaraugus County:

Previous plans/studies:

Cattaraugus County Land Use Plan 2000 (1978 Comprehensive Plan)

Smart Development for Quality Communities Guidebook Series, Vol. 1-8

Cattaraugus County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan

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