Elements of a Countywide Vision - Guidebook Volume 1

Volume 1: A Planning Guidebook for Cattaraugus County – Elements of A Countywide Vision (Smart Development for Quality Communities Series, Cattaraugus County, New York, June 2001).

Quality Communities Guidebook - Volume 1 Cover

The Saratoga Associates and Cattaraugus County collaborated in the preparation of this comprehensive planning guidebook, which presents a new vision for Cattaraugus County in the 21st Century, as a new foundation for comprehensive planning. It includes topics from traditional planning methodologies, and new topics (e.g., cumulative effects). Six focus groups were held across the county to develop a consensus on community values and priorities, based on participant’s comments, and based on previous work that produced a countywide vision framework, findings from in-depth studies on special topics, and visual preferences among a cross-section of community leaders.

This guidebook is the cornerstone of any future Comprehensive Planning for Cattaraugus County. This guidebook, along with Volume 2, was adopted (as a set) by the Cattaraugus County Legislature on May 26, 2004 as the initial components of a new Comprehensive Plan for the 21st Century. These two guidebooks (as a set) received the New York State Governor’s Quality Communities Award For Excellence in October 2002.

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