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Lead Poisoning Prevention

The Cattaraugus County Preventive Services provides the following lead poisoning prevention services:

  • Provide lead poisoning prevention education.
  • Insure lead screening availability for age appropriate children through referral to private physicians or directly for uninsured or under insured children.
  • The Cattaraugus County Health Department offers free lead testing for children ages 1 and 2 who otherwise could not afford to be tested.
  • Provide case management to children with confirmed elevated lead levels and assess their environment to determine the source of lead contamination.
  • Instruct property owners of the methods/procedures to reduce or eliminate sources of lead poisoning.

Lead Care II- NOW with just a prick of the finger we can test Blood Lead Levels in Children in 3 Minutes!  Call 716-701-3439 for more details and appointments.  Also avalible at WIC sites throughout the County.

Please read our Article on Lead Poisoning Prevention

To view items recalled due to unsafe lead levels visit:

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For more information about the Cattaraugus County Health Department services, please call us in Olean Toll-Free 1-800-251-2584

Hours: 8:30AM to 4:30PM Monday-Friday except on holidays at all locations

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