Doing Business with the Federal Government, Agencies and Purchase Card Holders

Federal Government Agencies

This list has been designed to provide prospective contractors with basic information about doing business with the U.S. Departments. The intent is to explain who and what each agency is and buys. Most importantly, it should help businesses market their products or services.

Federal Agency Purchase Card Holders

Please use discretion when using this information. Do not use these lists for mass mailings or e-mails. Pursuant to 41 CFR 101-20.308, which pertains to management of buildings and grounds, commercial soliciting on government property is prohibited. This prohibition includes telephone calls, faxes and E-mail to government employees.

Federal Agency Contacts

Lists include Contract Officers and/or Small Business Contacts.

Contact Economic Development

  • Call the Director at 716-938-2310
  • Call the Business Specialist at 716-938-2311