Solicitation Types

Solicitation Types

The DLA classifies the solicitations that it publishes under a number of different types, each designated by a specific letter in the 9th position of the solicitation ID--generally either T, U, Q, R, X, or Z.

"T" Soliciations

A "T" solicitation is a request for quotation (RFQ) that is valued at under $25,000. "T" solicitations are automated, meaning that they are generated automatically by the system and not created manually by the buyer. Note that "T" solicitations may sometimes be identified by a "U" rather than a "T" in the 9th position of the RFQ number, in the event that there were no remaining unique combinations of the last 5 digits available when the RFQ was generated. All responses to "T" solicitations must be submitted electronically--either using the DSCC Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) at for DSCC solicitations, the Internet Quoting System (IQS) at for DSCP and DSCR solicitations, or EDI (843 transactions).

"Q" Solicitations

A "Q" solicitation is typically an RFQ that falls under the Simplified Acquisition Procedures outlined in Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 13 and is valued at less than $100,000. However, because some commercial acquisitions that fall under FAR Part 12 and are valued at between $100,000 and 5 million dollars can also be requested under the "Q" solicitation type (see FAR Part 13.5), you may see solicitations valued at higher dollar amounts for commercial items. You must respond to "Q" solicitations electronically using IQS or DIBBS.

"R" Solicitations

"R" solicitations are also known as requests for proposal (RFPs) and are generally for acquisitions valued at over $100,000. The award resulting from an "R" solicitation is called a contract and is binding since it must be signed by both the contracting officer and the awardee. Responses to RFPs cannot be submitted electronically and must be delivered using the method specified in the particular solicitation that you are responding to.

"X" Solicitations

"X" solicitations represent Indefinite Delivery Purchase Order (IDPO) bid opportunities that also fall under the Simplified Acquisition Procedures outlined in FAR Part 13. The terms of an IDPO solicitation specify not only the item quantities or amounts currently required in order to fulfill the needs of the requesting agency, but also define a period of time (such as a year) during which that agency can place additional orders under the same terms and conditions specified in the original fulfillment order. IDPOs are described in detail in FAR Part 13.39.

"Z" Solicitations

A "Z" solicitation is an EDI solicitation that is specifically targeted at suppliers who have a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) established at the requesting DLA supply center. In order to respond to a "Z" solicitation, you must have a BPA and be EDI capable. If you do not currently have a BPA, you can contact the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia or the Defense Supply Center Richmond to begin the process.

Solicitation Numbers

A DLA solicitation's type is indicated by the value in the 9th position of the 13-digit solicitation number, which is also known as a Procurement Instrument Identification Number (PIIN). The following table indicates the meanings of the other DLA PIIN components, based on the fictional sample PIIN "SP050003T1234."

Digits 1-6SP050003T1234The Department of Defense activity address code (DoDAAC)* identifying the requesting DLA department or agency office
Digits 7-8SP050003T1234The 2-digit fiscal year in which the solicitation was issued
Digit 9SP050003T1234Indicates the solicitation type
Digits 10-13SP050003T1234Indicates the sequence in which the solicitation was issued relative to other solicitations of the same type (can be either alphanumeric or numeric only)

*A DoDAAC code lookup utility is available at Note that this is a secure Web site and your browser must have 128-bit encryption capabilities in order to access it. Based on the PIIN component breakdown in the previous table, the sample PIIN "SP050003T1234" represents a "T" solicitation with a serial number of "1234" that was issued by the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DoDAAC SP0500) in fiscal year 2003.

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