Android User Guide



Zoom in: Using 2 fingers, make a pinching motion bringing your fingers APART across the screen

Zoom out: Using 2 fingers, make a pinching motion bringing your fingers TOGETHER on the screen

Pan: Drag one finger across the screen in the direction you would like to move the map


***When zoomed low enough, Parcels will automatically turn on***

Once low enough for parcel layer to turn on, using one finger, tap inside a parcel

The following graphic will appear:


Tapping on an area will bring up the location's address and latitude/longitude coordinates.

Tapping the white arrow will bring you to the Parcel Information screen


Click outside the pop up to get rid of it


From the Parcel Information screen, scroll down the list to find links to the Parcel Information and Tax Calculator tools.  These links, specific to each parcel, will open in your browser.

On Screen Tools

1. Find Maps: will bring you back to the Map Gallery where you can search for maps to open.

2. Measure: tap this to measure distances and areas.

3. GPS: this button turns on your phone's GPS location services and plots your location on the Parcel Viewer.  If satellites are available it will use them; if satellite signal is weak, the phone will use cell towers and wireless signals to triangulate your position.

IMPORTANT: The accuracy of your position will be displayed by a transparent blue circle surrounding your GPS signal point.  This means your physical location could be ANYWHERE inside that blue circle.

*TIP* - the longer you stand in one spot, the more accurate the GPS will become.

4. Location Search: an address search tool.  Type in as much of an address as you know (i.e. 303 Court St Little Valley NY 14755).


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