Fee Schedule

Fees for printed maps, mailing labels and other data to be printed is listed below.

Tax Maps:

 30 x 4211 x 178½ x 11
To General Public:$5.00$1.00$.25
To Towns, Villages, Fire
Districts, Planning &
Zoning Commissions:


Pricing for GIS Digital Maps and Aerial Photography:

These prices can be found be visiting our GIS pages

Mailing Labels:

$.03 cents (per label)

Computerized Data (assessment rolls, etc.) Printed:

Retrieved Through Existing Programs and printed on 8½ x 11 paper:
$.25 cents (per page)

Computerized Data (assessment rolls, etc.) Saved to Media:

Retrieved Through Existing Programs and copied to 3½ inch floppy disk or tape:
$.01 cents (per parcel)

Village / School Tax Bill Preparation: $1.00 (per parcel)

Town / County Tax Bill Preparation:

$1.00 (per parcel) plus annual NYS RPS user fee.

** If a duplicate Village/Town/School tax roll must be run due to an error created by the Village/Town/School, an additional $.50 per parcel will be charged, over and above the initial $1.00 per parcel.

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Office of Real Property

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Phone: 716-938-2224

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