Emergency Contraception

What is it?

Hormone pills to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse

How does it work?

Stops ovulation

How is it used?

Pills must be taken within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse

What are the major advantages?

Reduces risk of pregnancy in case of rape or condom breakage; easy to use; minimal medical risk

What are some possible problems?

Cannot be used by women unable to take birth control pills or who have had toxic shock syndrome; nausea & vomiting; breast tenderness; headache; may alter menstrual cycle

What are some warning signs?

Abdominal pain; chest pain or shortness of breath; severe headache or leg pain; loss of vision

Chances of becoming pregnant


Where can you get it?

FREE at the Cattaraugus County Health Department, family planning services, family planning clinics, private doctor

More information

Plan B at Go2PlanB.com

Call us to talk about Emergency Contraception. 1-800-251-2584.  Please know that a nurse must be present to give you EC, so it is very important that you call first!

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