The Risk Management Department is involved in the continuous process of controlling potential loses to Cattaraugus County. The concept of risk management is actually an ART.

Analyze: Identify and evaluate potential losses by considering the
probability, impact, and predictability of occurrence.

Reduce: Avoid the loss or diminish its severity by taking preventative
measures and enforcing the use of appropriate safeguards.

Transfer: When practical, place the responsibility for a potential loss
on another party, through commercial insurance or  contractual obligation.


Cattaraugus County provides a wide range of services for the benefit of its citizens and attempts to do so at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayer. At times, the provision of these services exposes the County to lawsuits, which may be quite costly, both as a result of defense costs and judgment awards. The Risk Management Department, in cooperation with the County Attorney’s Office, investigates these claims, reviews the liability to the County, and makes recommendations with regard to claims management.  Organizations entering into a contractual relationship with Cattaraugus County to provide services to or on behalf of the County are required to provide proof of appropriate insurance coverage. The Risk Management Department reviews each contract, determines the level of insurance required to protect the interests of the County, and monitors compliance.  Several programs and policies have been implemented to protect the employees of the County while conserving the fiscal resources of local taxpayers. These risk-reducing measures include safety training and inspections, fire and emergency evacuation plans, general rules for workplace safety and equipment operation, driving regulations, personal protective equipment and hazard communication programs, drug-free initiatives, and personal threat, smoking, hearing conservation, and sexual-harassment policies.  Risk Management manages the County’s human resources programs, such as workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance benefits, health, dental, and disability insurance, and flexible benefits plan. Of the above plans, the County self-insures its workers’ compensation and health insurance plans, as well as commercial general and automobile liability coverage in an effort to reduce the financial burden to the taxpayer.  The staff members of the Risk Management Department look forward to their continuing mission of protecting the human resources, property, and financial integrity of Cattaraugus County.

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