Public Health Hazards

Everyday, you are exposed to many types of environmental contaminants and possibly disease carrying agents.  Some of these cause a great deal of anxiety for residents like cockroaches, but others like lead paint may go entirely unnoticed until a problem develops.  Being aware of these potential hazards and reducing the likelihood of exposure is important to safeguard your health.

The Environmental Health Division conducts several programs intended to reduce the risk of exposure to environmental hazards and control communicable disease carriers in Cattaraugus County. Read more

Insect Control

Bed BugsCDC - Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bed bugs are small blood sucking insects that infest indoor environments that feed on the people and other warm blooded animals.  They are not known to transit any diseases, although they can cause considerable distress to those experiencing problems with them.  Unlike many other household pests, bed bugs are not necessarily associated with unsanitary conditions.  Anyone can experience bed bug problems in Read more

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