Data Purchases

Paper Maps:

  • Tax Map 30x42  = $6.00
  • Tax Map 11x17  = $2.00
  • Tax Map 8.5x11 = $1.00
  • GIS Map 30x42  = $12.00
  • GIS Map 17x22  = $7.00
  • GIS Map 11x17  = $5.00
  • GIS Map 8.5x11 = $3.00
  • County Street Map = $2.00
  • Village Street Map  = $2.00

Pricing Plan

General Information

  • Any data that is mailed will incur the mailing cost.
  • Data can be emailed or downloaded from our server.
  • All data is shipped as ESRI shapefiles in the NAD83 NYW projection.

Obtainable Data

  • Parcels - $.03 per parcels with Real Property Data attached, $.01 without the data (just the lines), $.01 for data only (Microsoft Excel file). Any combination of parcels is offered, with a minimum of $5.00.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Demographics for Cattaraugus County

For more census information, please visit the following sites Read more

Rural, Industrious and Strategically Located

Cattaraugus County is within a day's driving distance of 110 Million People, encompassing one of the largest and wealthiest markets in the United States, 50 Fortune 100 companies, and 62% of all manufacturing in the United States and Canada.

Sources: Southern Tier West Regional Planning & Development Board, and the New York State Department of Economic Development

Census & Statistical Data

Cattaraugus County is centrally located in the northeastern United States (about an hour south of Buffalo, NY; and hour-and-a-half south of the Canadian Border, and three hours from Toronto, Canada; Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), and is poised to offer some very unique business opportunities.
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