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Cattaraugus County Department of Community Services The first responsibility is the planning of services for all three disabilities: * Mental Health * Drug & Alcohol * Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities The second primary function of the department is directly providing a continuum of Mental Health Services to residents of the County. Phone: 716-373-8040 (Olean Counseling), 716-373-8080 (Olean Guidepost Day Treatment Program), 716-373-0980 (Case Management), 716-945-5211 (Salamanca Counseling Center), 716-353-8241 (Machias), 716-372-8287 (Allegany), 716-352-3325 (Gowanda), 716-492-6300 ext 1226 (Yorkshire) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday Hours: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm


Educational Resources

Check out the following resources for additional information on Mental Health.

How to Support and Help Someone with Depression Read more

Contact EIRP

Meghan Monahan, LMHC

Early Identification and Recognition Specialist

Department of Community Services

1 Leo Moss Drive

Suite 4308

Olean, NY 14760

MCMonahan [at] cattco [dot] org

716-701-3315 (phone)

716-701-3729 (fax)

To setup an appointment for a screening you can also complete the following form.

Signs and Symptoms


Let's Talk Facts Borchures and Fact Sheets:


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Program Affiliates

The Department of Community Services Early Identification & Recognition Program proudly partners with the following agencies:

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Community Awareness

Did you know?

Significant concern exists about the social interaction and behaviors of preschoolers. In New York State, nearly 70,000 young children will be expelled from preschool for behavioral reasons each year.

Emotional disturbances are very real and affect a staggering number of children. More children suffer from psychiatric illness than from autism, leukemia, diabetes, and AIDS combined. (1 out of 10 children has a serious emotional disturbance.) Read more

Trainings & Community Education

If you or your organization would like to request a training/educational session on mental health, or the Early Identification & Recognition Program, please contact Meghan Monahan MSEd, MHC at 716-701-3315 or mcmonahan [at] cattco [dot] org

Trainings and educational sessions are free of charge. The EIR Program also offers a free seminar on collaboration of services and schools regarding mental health.

Screening Tools

The EIR program conveniently offers 3 tools capable of identifying and predicting emotional/behavioral health symptoms of children ages 3 months- 21 years of age.

1) The Ages & Stages Questionnaire: Social-Emotional (ASQ:SE) for children ages 3 months- 5 years 5 months.

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Community Service's Early Identification & Recognition Program to Participate in Human Services Fair

News from Community Services posted on Mon, 02/06/2012 - 11:21am

The Early Identification and Recognition Specialist for Community Services will be offering free emotional well-being surveys and providing information at the Human Services Fair, at the Olean Center Mall, on Friday February 24, 2012 from 10am-2pm. Come and have your child screened for free and learn more about the latest program offered by Community Services. Check out Cattaraugus County's Facebook page for more information!

ABC news: Study Finds Possible Link Between Anesthesia and ADHD

News from Community Services posted on Thu, 02/02/2012 - 10:07am

A new study found an association between multiple procedures requiring anesthesia in young children and the development of ADHD later.

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