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Human Resources

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For most civil service job seekers, examinations are part of the process. Examination results make it easier for the employer to make a decision on who gets an interview or who gets a job. We've broken out information on examinations into 3 sections. Read more

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Human Resources

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Julie J. Carr
Kristine Phinney
Mallory LaForge
Cynthia Koch
Susan Jones
Catherine Ambuski
Alicia M Learn
Linda Johnson

Cattaraugus County Department of Human Resources

Electronic Equipment Technician #65571


1 position, Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), Olean, NY

This job was filed for Human Resources

Human Resources

The Office provides staff to both the County Civil Service Commission and to the County of Cattaraugus as a Personnel and Labor Relations office.

Under the New York State Civil Service System, competitive job vacancies are filled from eligible lists established as a result of Civil Service Examinations. Read more

Application Fee Waiver Request and Certification Form

Civil Service Law Section 50.5(b): "... fees shall be waived for candidates who certify to the state civil service department, a municipal commission or regional commission that they are unemployed and primarily responsible for the support of a household, or are receiving public assistance."

Department: Human Resources

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Examination and Job Application Form

Application form for examinations and employment opportunities.

Here you will find an application form in both Microsoft Word (.doc) format and Adobe Reader (.pdf) format.

If you are currently unemployed or receive public assistance please download the Application Fee Waiver Request and Certification Form.

Department: Human Resources

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