NY Connects

New York Connects program helps temporary and permanently disabled people find options for care.

Paying for Long Term Care

An important part of planning for long term care is deciding how to pay for it.

There are variations in costs based on the type and amount of care you need, which provider you use, and where you live. Learning more about the "rules" for when Medicare, Medicaid, or other options might pay for long term care is important and may affect your decisions.

Cattaraugus County NY Connects staff can help you understand these "rules" and give you options that best meet you or your loved one's care needs.

Payment options may include: Read more

What is Long Term Care?

Elderly Woman and NurseLong term care refers to medical and non-medical support services needed to improve or maintain one's health and daily functions. Services may be provided in an individual's home, community, or residential setting.
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Disabled and Long Term Care Assistance in Cattaraugus County

Welcome to the Cattaraugus County NY Connects. NY Connects provides Cattaraugus County residents free, easy and local access to information and assistance for you and your family who are exploring available options for long term care ... regardless of age or income. Read more

How can NY Connects help?

If you need answers to questions such as: Read more

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