Procurement Technical Assistance Center

Provides Government Marketing Assistance. If you have a product/service that you want to provide to the government then contact us.

Business Opportunities with the Government

Please note that we have no control over the sites we are linking to. These sites go down from time to time and some sites move. Read more

Registration Websites

Be sure to register at some of these websites for leads and benefits for your business.

Solicitation Types

Solicitation Types

The DLA classifies the solicitations that it publishes under a number of different types, each designated by a specific letter in the 9th position of the solicitation ID--generally either T, U, Q, R, X, or Z. Read more

Reference Materials

This section contains a good amount of links and documents to help you better understand dealing with the government.

Three important documents to read:

The following three documents were downloaded from the DoD: Office of Small Business Programs website

  • Government Contracting - The Basics
  • Department of Defense Subcontracting - The Basics
  • Marketing to the Department of Defense - The Basics

Informational Resources

Procurement Technical Assistance Center - Government Contracting and Marketing

The Cattaraugus County Department of Economic Development, Planning and Tourism administers a government marketing and technical assistance program as one of the special economic development projects offered to assist businesses of Cattaraugus County and the New York State Southern Tier.

We provide confidential one-on-one consulting and training to assist businesses with marketing goods and/or services to federal, state and local governments. We have the resources to help you grow your business and, as a governmental organization, most of our services are free. Read more

About the PTAC

Program Objectives

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