Real Property and GIS

Real Property and GIS Services

Pricing Plan

General Information

  • Any data that is mailed will incur the mailing cost.
  • Data can be emailed or downloaded from our server.
  • All data is shipped as ESRI shapefiles in the NAD83 NYW projection.

Obtainable Data

  • Parcels - $.03 per parcels with Real Property Data attached, $.01 without the data (just the lines), $.01 for data only (Microsoft Excel file). Any combination of parcels is offered, with a minimum of $5.00.

GIS Links


  • ESRI [ ]

    the company that makes 90% of the GIS software used in the market. Cattaraugus County uses all ESRI software to power our GIS online and offline capabilities.

  • SDG [ ]

    the company that created the Imate Online program that so many places use to show parcel information.


Cattaraugus County's is very proud to have it's Online Parcel Viewer showcased in the Spring '06 edition of ESRI's ArcNews publication. With a readership of over 600,000 worldwide, we are definately getting our name out for rural GIS applications.

Daniel Martonis, GIS Coordinator Read more

Director of Real Property Tax Services

Cattaraugus County is seeking a qualified individual for the position of Director of Real Property Tax Services.

This is professional and administrative work in directing the County Advisory Tax Service and Appraisal Department for City and Town Assessors and the Cattaraugus County Equalization Agency.

The work involves responsibility for providing accurate, timely information and advice in real property appraisals, equalization, and assessment.

This job was filed for Real Property and GIS

Can I change the mailing address, or the name on my property?

Thank you for giving attention to keeping your records updated!


The Treasurer's Office can make ADDRESS CORRECTIONS on delinquent tax records, and request the assessor to update address changes on the upcoming tax roll.  To do that, you must be an owner of the property,  fill out this form and sign it.  Then return it to the Treasurer's Office at the address found at the bottom of the form.

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2009-2010 School Tax Rolls

The following Cattaraugus County 2009-2010 School Tax Rolls contain information on properties and the school taxes.

Note: If you are looking for school tax rates, school tax collectors or other current information please visit the Cattaraugus County Real Property School Taxes section.

If you know any information about a property and would like to see what the school taxes were then you may find the school taxes in these final school tax rolls. Read more

Department: Real Property and GIS

Filed under: taxes, tax rolls, school

2009 Final Assessment Rolls

The following files are for the 2009 Assessment Rolls for Towns and Cities in Cattaraugus County. Read more

2008 State Certified Equalization Rates

The following file is the 2008 Certified State Equalization Rates used for 2009 Assessment Rolls

For previous years, please visit Equalization Rates for Cattaraugus County

Department: Real Property and GIS

Filed under: assessment, equalization

2009 Village Tax Rates

2009 Cattaraugus County Village Tax Rates

Department: Real Property and GIS

Filed under: village, taxes

2009 Tentative Assessment Rolls

The following files are for the 2009 Tentative Assessment Rolls for Towns and Cities in Cattaraugus County, New York. Read more

Department: Real Property and GIS

Filed under: 2009, assessment

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