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Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office

DCJS Field Training Officer Class

01/28/2013 - 02/01/2013


Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office
301 Court Street, Little Valley, NY 14755
United States
42° 15' 7.4916" N, 78° 48' 6.3576" W

We will be hosting a DCJS Field Training Officer Course from January 28, 2013 - February 1, 2013 at the Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office.

There is no registration fee for this class.

To register for this class contact Training Coordinator Christa Heckathorn at 716-938-2572 or email at clheckathorn [at] cattco [dot] org

In-service Range

In-service Range with 3 Sheriff's Deputies
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Slide for In-service Range with 3 Sheriff's Deputies

In-Service Instruction

In-Service Instruction by Sgt. Dry
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In-service Range

In-service Range with the Sheriff's Office
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Special Response Team

Special Response Team


In-Service Training

As an accredited agency, training is recognized as a critical facet of the Sheriff’s responsibility. The Sheriff’s Office Training Coordinator insures a training program which is comprised of two elements:

  • Ongoing in-service training, and
  • Outside applicable training courses or seminars.


K9 Gibbs

k9 Hammer

Court Division

The Court Division includes four full-time deputy sheriffs and several part-time deputies. They have the responsibility of providing security and maintaining order in the county court system. Heavy case load and multiple, simultaneous sessions make security in our courts a difficult task that is always changing. Deputies utilize both hand-held and stationary metal detectors to promote safety within the courts. Each year, the court security deputies seize hundreds of dangerous items from people such as knives, drugs, and other contraband.

Snowmobile Unit

The Sheriff's Office has two deputies assigned to the Snowmobile Unit. The deputies operate at various times and for special events. The deputies perform routine patrol of popular snowmobile trails and concentrating on areas where there have been complaints filed regarding violations of various laws and regulations regarding snowmobiles. They work closely with other agencies and the snowmobile clubs located throughout our County to make the trails in our county a safe place for families and tourists. Read more

Navigation and Marine Unit


The Sheriff's Office maintains Marine Units on two bodies of water during the summer boating season using two vessels. The Allegany Reservoir, which is the site of the county-owned Onoville Marina, is a very popular summer recreation area. This lake borders the Allegany State Park, Allegany Indian Reservation, and crosses over the state line into Pennsylvania. A second marine unit is deployed on Lime Lake in the Town of Machias. Read more

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