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Emergency Medical Technician Training

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Quick Facts About EMT-B Training:

  • EMT-B Original class is approximately 148 hours in length
  • Class is usually divided up into three-hour segments on weekday evenings over a period of 3 - 4 months, sometimes weekend classes are scheduled
  • Minimum number of students required to hold a course is 16 people
  • The course costs $700.00 per original EMT-B student or $335.00 per refresher EMT-B student
    • This cost is typically covered by the St

Emergency Medical Classes

Cattaraugus County EMS is the CFR and EMT New York State Course Sponsor in the county.  This means that we coordinate and sponsor all CFR and EMT original and refresher training in Cattaraugus County.  Questions about and sign-ups for all CFR and EMT courses should be directed to the Office of Emergency Services by calling Robert Kuhn, County EMS Coordinator at (716) 938-2244. Read more

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